Why Carbon Filtration?

Carbon filtration is mainly used to remove the chlorine taste from your water.  RO takes the filtration process up a notch by removing dissolved solids and other contaminants from your drinking water.  It purifies your water while improving the taste!

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Hellenbrand Promate 6.0-DMT


We feature Hellenbrand water softeners which are manufactured in Waunakee, WI. Hellenbrand has been a pioneer in water treatment manufacturing for over 40 years.

Get the Chlorine Out!
Chlorine is a strong compound that chemically bonds with protein in our hair and skin - often resulting in dry, brittle, dull looking hair and flaky, itchy skin.
Chlorinated water in a steamy shower can irritate eyes and lungs. Chlorine destroys bacteria by attacking anything organic.
Chlorine disrupts the skin's natural balance and reacts with lipids to form chlorinated compounds. Soft, chlorine free water protects this delicate balance giving your skin that smooth luxurious feel as you shower or bathe.
With this system, the same type of filtration that you may have in your refrigerator for drinking water is delivered throughout your entire home.

Hellenbrand Promate 6.0-DMT
with Dual Media Technology
2 functions in a single tank!
Softens water in the lower chamber of the tank and carbon filtration in the upper chamber.
You get the comfort and feel of soft water along with the benefits of filtering out contaminants all in one machine!

All water softeners are available for sale or rental on a
month-to-month rental agreement.

You still get all the advanced function and diagnostics of the Promate 6.0.

Providing Great Service Since 1984