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We feature Hellenbrand water softeners which are manufactured in Waunakee, WI. Hellenbrand has been a pioneer in water treatment manufacturing for over 40 years.

ProMate EcoMax

Go Green!
Optional Salt Recycling System
We are your ONLY local source for the ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Hellenbrand ProMate EcoMax with Salt Recycling System!

It's environmentally friendly because it re-uses good brine (salt solution) that regular water softeners just flush down the drain during regeneration.

This saves on salt consumption and also reduces the amount of chloride discharge which can be harmful to the environment.
Brine recovery (salt recycling) systems have been on industrial water softeners for years.
Hellenbrand has harnessed this technology and brought it to the residential market! 
This patent pending technology is only available on the ProMate EcoMax.  Nowhere else.

Salt Delivery

We offer salt delivery to your home or business to make owning a system as easy as possible.

Same-day or next-day service available. Call Craig at 605.334.6407 to schedule a delivery.

All water softeners are available for sale or rental on a
month-to-month rental agreement.

ProMate EcoMax
Features on-demand regeneration and an attractive blue LED electronic display. Featuring a 5-year manufacturer's warranty!
Beauty AND Brains!
The ProMate EcoMax has a bright blue LED bringing attractiveness to your home utility room.
It also tracks your water usage each day and retains it for 63 days so it can decide when regeneration needs to take place.
The scrolling backlit screen keeps you constantly updated on the system information. This softener regenerates on demand saving you money on salt.

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Endless soft water with a Twin Alternating System!


We can connect 2 PM6's together to communicate as a twin water softener ​to provide you with soft water with no downtime.​